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How Many Sessions Would I Need?

A treatment plan is unique to the individual and the presenting condition. Whilst it is possible to provide a guide to the number of sessions likely to be needed to achieve positive clinical change these would be dependent on the severity and the circumstances of the clinets situtation.

Usually significant imnprovements can be seen and felt from the very first session. All journey's are monitored using CORPS to ensure progress is being made and positive change is taking place.

Session regularity would begin as weekly with the aim to space these out to ensure the positive change has taken hold and can be perfected and maintained by the clinet with the tools they have developed during the sessions. A typical journey would be 4-6 weekly sessions with an additional 2-4 sessions over the following 6 months. Often clinets request a 'top-up' or booster session as required or if they have something specific they wish to work on. It is imnportant that any change is imbedded so that the issue remains resolved. The additional sessions ensure this happens and can make all the difference for longterm success.

therefore within 4 months (£600-800) a clinet will have achieved positive clinical change and the tools necessary to perfect and maintain their growth and improvement.

Costings -

initial Consultation - Free

Session 1 - 4  (ideally weekly) £400

session 5 - 8  (over 1-2 months) £300

Futher top up sessions Ad-Hoc

At The Milton Practice according to CORPS data we achieve:- 

49.1%        PCC (Positive Clinical Change) for all clients by session 4

53.16%      PCC by session 6

58.04%      PCC by session 8

Where a conditioon or symptom is complex and more time is needed the following results have been obtained. These sessions would have been spread out over time and would be delivered as regular top-up sessions, often every 3-4 months, over a number of years.

61.34%     PCC by session 20

76.62%     PCC by session 30

These results are accurate as of 21.06.2023 and updated regularly according to the CORPS Practice report analysis and cover all conditions for The Milton Practice as a whole. For furtther information please contact The Milton Practice.