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CORP® stands for “Clinical Outcomes Research Programme” because the software was originally designed and used for measuring frontline outcomes in private practice and has been relied upon in some of the most successful practices in the U.K. (Follow link to CORP®)

Professionals from all walks of life are now finding that customers want evidence of the skills by the way of measured outcomes. The professional who measures their outcomes has a big advantage over the professional who does not.

An idividual journey can have many turns, some down and some up but the aim for all therapy is to see more ups and make sure changes are taking place. This is important as confidence is built on success and experience. When we measure change we are able to adapt and use what has been successful and reduce what has not through clinical clinet obversation. When something is working, with CORPs you will know why.

CORP is a great tool and enhances the therapy experience. When a client see's they have made a significant improvement and understands the changes they implemented, growth, stability and permenancy become possible.

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