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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that combines hypnosis and modern talking therapy techniques to help individuals achieve their desired outcomes by focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems. It recognises there can sometimes be a subconscious resistance to change and addresses this by utilising hypnosis to unlock the resistance in a safe and gentle way.

Hypnosis or trance is a natural and much-needed mental state for your mind and body. When we are in this state, we enter our "default healing mode." This relaxed physical and mental state has been utilised by mankind for hundreds of thousands of years as a way of coping with this world of ours.

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy has helped people the world over. It helps us deal with specific issues such as changing unwanted behavior, overcoming addiction, processing fear and phobia, and of course, how to deal with trauma or loss. Hypnosis has been used successfully with chronic pain, pre- and post-medical procedures, and many other conditions.

"We don't need to visit the problems of the past to create a brighter future but we do need an understanding of how these things may have occurred in order to understand what small steps we can take to move forwards"

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How It Works

Neuroscience has advanced hugely with groundbreaking research coming through every year. Since 2010, therapy has changed dramatically as a result because we can now see what is happening in the brain. Through this research, scientists can now see how the brain functions during events or traumatic experiences. This research gives us a much better understanding of how we are affected by thoughts and emotions. What we do with stress, anxiety, and all those negative thoughts truly affects us on a physiological level. Solution-Focused Hypnotherapists use this understanding to help people take control of their thoughts, allowing them to do the things they want to do.

Why It Works

When we are in control of our thoughts and emotions, we feel confident, great, and capable of achieving amazing things. Positive thinking and positive forecasting help us to create positive actions, which leads us to achieving our goals by doing what we want to do in life. This allows us to feel fulfilled, generate a state of happiness, security, and confidence in all that we do. Positive, constructive, and beneficial thinking allows us to remove those feelings of fear or danger so we can move forward and enjoy our lives. Learning how to cultivate these thought patterns and attitudes can make all the difference. Optimism is a skill that can be learned and harnessed for greater success.

How Will I Know Its Working?

We monitor your journey using a system called 'CORPS',a  specifically designed software package for therapists. We are able to show you the progress you are making thereby ensure you achieve the changes and goals you want. The pace of you journey is decided by you and you will be in control of all your goals. the program is confidential andf the treatment plan unique to the individual. We know when things are working and we can see the success by using CORP.

Chart showing clinical positive change achieved by The Milton Practice (21.06.2023)

The Milton Practice

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxed, focused attention, similar to having a controlled lucid dream. It is usually a light "Theta wave" brain state. In this relaxed mental state, your mind is open to creating positive changes by rewiring the brain, and you will be able to re-evaluate unwanted thoughts and behaviors in order to create positive change. Technically, we gain access to the subconscious and 'primitive mind', allowing the consciousness to direct these areas towards new, wanted behavior without subconscious resistance to change. For more information please use the link below

S.F. Hypnotherapy explained

'The Primitive Mind opperates our Freeze, Flight or Fight, (Self-defence system.) it is the center of our emotions. This system  is called our 'Limbic System' and consists of the Amygdalae, Hypocampi and Hypothalami and is directly connected to our vagus nerve. For more information please use the link below

The Primitive Mind explained

Meet Richard

Richard Lepper specialises in Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. His focus is on the treatment of mental health issues helping individuals to create the change they are seeking but struggle to do. His work is all about empowering clients to find solutions to their situation, behaviour, or symptom while explaining the mind-body connection. Learning how to cope and improve a situation by harnessing the power of thought. The way think affects the way we feel and the way we feel has a physical impact on our bodies. Richard has had great success over many years, whether the presenting problem is complex, acute or specific in nature. He works with clients who present with depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, emotional trauma, performance issues, PTSD, self-esteem, phobia, IBS, pain management, sleep issues as well as rehabilitation & recovery from injury or surgery and pre operation and post operation preparation.

Richard also works in sports psychology and mental health training, helping athletes with confidence issues, a drop in form or learning how to achieve and maintaining peak performance. Refining or improving technique and enhancing mental stamina and strength are often the domain of the mind and the difference between two similar athletes can be the mental approach they take. When seeking to refine, adapt, or improve in sport (or in life), an understanding of the mind-body connection is essential to success. Learning how to implement specific mental techniquesin competition and training sessions can help an athlete continually improve, so they can perform to their very best at all times. At the very highest level, those small marginal gains regularly taken make all the difference. At the very highest level athletes understand the importance of having someone like Richard in their corner.

Richard Lepper - DHP HPD

Richard is fully qualified and accredited clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who has helped numerous clients over the last decade, with various unwanted behaviours, conditions, or symptomsby using a combination of Brain Based Research, Brief Solution Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP & CBT.

Richard is also a Sports Performance Mindset Coach, the Lead Lecturer at IHT Sussex, was a director of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and has been featured in The Times and interviewed on BBC Radio about hypnotherapy.

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What You Say About Us

A small collection of nice words we received from our happy clients over the few last years

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  • Testimonial from an O.C.D. sufferer:

    I decided to visit Richard after suffering from anxiety and OCD on and off for over 10 years. In the first session he gave me a thorough, yet easy to understand explanation of the neuro science behind how the brain works and the likely reasons behind the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing. It really resonated with me and that knowledge alone significantly aleviated my anxiety and left me feeling so much more reassured and confident that with some more of Richards help I could make the improvements I needed to get back to my normal self. In just a few more sessions of hypnotherapy and implementing Richards advice I was able to make consistent progress towards a much happier and healthier state of mind. Richard has a very genuine, caring and positive attitude in the approach to his work and I will be forever grateful for his help in my time of need. I would highly reccomend him to anyone that seeks professional help of this kind.

  • Testimonial from someone seeking to be themselves in a new job:

    I really enjoyed my sessions with Rich, and got a lot out of them. I started the sessions as was very nervous about a new job I had. Even after the first session I learnt techniques that helped relax me. By learning how and why my brain was doing certain things, it really helped me make sense of the feelings and emotions that were then created. The hypnosis was also very relaxing, and again taught me techniques to overcome my nerves. Rich created a great environment, the vibe was very chilled. The sessions had a structure, but also ran at my pace. Rich made me feel really at ease, and we laughed and joked a bit too, which really helped me relax and feel like I could open up to him. The more honest I was the more I got out of the sessions. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone and would definitely go see him again in the future if I needed.

  • Testimonial from someone struggling with anxiety:

    Thank you for your positivity, this is what I needed to take me forward on my journey, a 'Yes I can, yes I will' positive attitude.

    You've held a mirror up and I like what I see, and more importantly how I'm feeling.
    My anxiety volume is exceptionally low.
    I'm grateful for that.

    If anxiety comes knocking at my door and I let it in, I'll be sure to get in touch so together we can get rid of this unwanted intruder.

  • Testimonial from someone struggling with emotions:

    I was introduced to Richard at a time when there were a lot of emotionally difficult things going on in my life and although, being a totally non-spiritual cynic, I never thought I'd be the sort of person who ever started a sentence 'My hypnotherapist....' I soon found myself telling friends about the things I had found out in our weekly sessions. For some people hypnotherapy is about giving something up, but for me, it was a form of relaxation and learning. Richard was always kind and empathetic and never seemed fazed by anything I told him. His explanations of the way in which the brain works helped me to understand both my behaviour and that of other people around me, and taught me how to adapt my reactions to situations and individuals in a way that has definitely made me happier. A year on, I still use his relaxation CD if I'm having a particularly stressful time of things, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who felt that something in their life was not quite right, even if they were struggling to identify what was actually wrong.