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Sports Performance Therapy

Hypnotherapy has been used in sport for many, many years in many different guises. Almost all top sportsmen and women have a coach, a psychologist, a technical coach, a fitness coach and a manager. A Psychotherapist or Hypnotherapist is included on this list and comes near the top! 

Boxers, Sprinters, Swimmers, Golfers, Cyclists, Darts players, Footballers, Long Distance runners, whole teams and individuals alike see the power of the mind as the key difference and use professioanls such as Richard to enhance their performance to ensure they reach their peek and continue those improvements. Ourt mental game has a hugfe effect on our preformance.

I have read many articles over the years on the benefits of focusing the mind on one's technique in a calm environment, in order to be confident under pressure and build the right muscle memory. We often hear in the media how good a player or athlete is on the training field but just cannot seem to be able to convert that talent when under pressure.  The right mental attitude in sport is key to success at any level. I am often asked if it is possible for me to help an athlete get “into the zone!” or get into the right frame of mind before (or during) a race…..  to overcome a flaw in their technique.

The simple answer to that is YES!

Hypnotherapy can help improve technique, aid training, help develop new skills, lose bad habits, speed injury recovery, cement an achieving goals mindset, build resiliance, overcome competition anxieties, or getting you into peak shape, on time just when you want to be.

If you want to move forwards with your chosen sport or want to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving that the ‘Personal Best’ when you want and need to, please get in touch.

Watch Richard giving a brief talk 'Harnessing the brain in sport' at HEX Gym London

TheRichard learning from Glenn Catley - World Champion Boxer back in 2015 Milton Practice

Richard training in Sports Hypnosis with Glenn Catley - Former Super Middleweight Champion of the World