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Phobia – Fear

A phobic responce is when our limbic system see's or percieves a danger or a threat and then reacts in a pre-determined manner in order to save us from that danger. It is often the case that this is a reaction which has been developed through a traumatic experience, such as a bad flight, or learnt as a child by watching others. For example, when a mother or father reacts in a certain way to the sight of a spider or mouse, the child will see that reaction, learn from it and associate the cause of that reaction with danger. In order for the child to survive future events like this, it will copy the behaviour pattern of the parent or repeat the reaction to the traumatic experiance because it knows you are more likely to survive.

This is of course a very logical reaction. Back in our primative past it ensured the survival of the species. However, it has developed into an unwanted behaviour and one where often the person feels as if they have no control.

The good news is It is possible to access this automated reaction and re-define the response. Hypnotherapy can aid an individual to decide on how they would like to react in the future.  

By using a gentle and safe therapeutic technique we are able to access the limbic system and help to lessen or remove the emotional reaction, giving an individual interlectual control.

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