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How do we treat O.C.D with Hypnotherapy

O.C.D. occurs when our limbic system has developed an unhealthy set of behaviour patterns, which over time, manifest and take over a persons life in an unhealthy way.  In the brain the reward based system becomes out of balance with the habit based system and when that balance is not able to correct itself, obsessional thoughts can develop and an individual will feel compelled to respond in a habitual or often ritualistic manner. For a person suffering from O.C.D. these patterns can start to take over an individual’s way of life and are very real. In the most extreme cases they can render them unable to function.

As a hypnotherapist I fully understand how these behaviours can develop and take over a persons life. The process, which creates O.C.D, is a natural one and so the treatment available through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is equally natural.

The Fight, Flight, Freeze centre of the brain has created a way of coping with life, because these are learnt behaviours it is possible to unlearn them in a safe and gentle manner.

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