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As early as the 1980's evidence was published showing the benefits of Hypnotherapy when treating IBS. In an article published by the BBC back in 2010, Dr Roland Valori, the then editor of Frontline Gastroenterology, said of the first 100 of his patients treated using hypnotherapy, symptoms improved significantly for 9 out of the10. He also said after an audit 4 in10 had seen the condtion removed altogether.

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As a therapist I recognise the connection between the mind and the body. The second largest number of nural connections is found in the stomach and this is directly linked to our brain via the vagus nerve. When we become anxious or stressed chemicals can be flooded into the stomach and gut area during our  Freeze, Flight, Fight reaction to any percieved threat or danger. For those suffering from IBS this can lead to a catch 22 situation and a fear they are losing control of their bodily functions and this limits life. Whilst we do not necessarily accosiate many of liufes difficulties as threats or danagers the system does. Often emotion is transported tand manifested in the stomach area. we all know the phrases a 'Gut instinct' and 'Butterflies in the stomach'.  Hypnotherapy is effective because it helps a person to rewire the system and find a better way manage emotions allowing a person to move fowards.

Often an imbalance has occured within the mind/body connection and it has developed into an unwanted symptom - I.B.S. Through the use of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I have helped clients get their lives back on track and remove the stigma and confusion associated with this dibilitating condition.

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