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HYPNOBIRTHING - Caroline Laskowska CHBP HPD - All Birth

I became interested in hypnobirthing after the birth of my daughter. I had a long labour with a lot of intervention and felt traumatised by the whole experience, which put me in a vulnerable place to start motherhood.  I felt that I must have had an unusually difficult time in my labour, only to discover when speaking to other mums that my experience was pretty common and was seen by all these women as “just the way childbirth is”.

This seemed so wrong to me on so many levels. Why was this a normal experience? Childbirth is something the majority of women will go through at some point in our adult lives, it is a natural process that we have been doing forever. It should be something that we look forward to experiencing as a right of passage, knowing that our bodies are designed to do this – surely it shouldn’t be such a trial? And I found that it really doesn’t have to be!

In my search for answers I became interested in hypnotherapy and trained at the Clifton Practice and then went on to specialise in hypnobirthing with Sharon Mustard who teaches the Easibirthing method – a course only available to fully qualified hypnotherapists.

When I became pregnant again I had my son at home in water using the hypnobirthing techniques I had learned and I had such an amazing time. What was the difference? I felt calm and confident and in control of my experience at all times. I was able to allow my body to do what it needed with out interference from any anxieties or worries. I came out of the experience of childbirth feeling empowered and strong and it meant that I bonded easily with my baby, felt confident in my abilities as a parent, recovered quickly physically. I was able to let go of my previous birth experience and move on.

This is why I teach hypnobirthing. I am passionate about passing on this knowledge to empower women to have a positive birth experience – leading to a confident start for them and their babies. I run a complete course of 5 sessions each lasting an hour. 

Session 1: Introduction to Hypno Birthing - Relaxation and Breathing

Session 2: Managing Anxiety

Session 3: Stage 1 Labour

Session 4: Stage 2 Labour

Session 5: Birth and Beyond

The cost for the course is £250 for group classes and £350 for individual couples. I can come to your home, work on Skype or you can come to me at my home in Brighton, or to our clinic in Clapham.

Caroline Laskowska CHBP HPD

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