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Confidence – Self Esteem

A lack of confidence or self esteem is a common experience. Often I am told how confident I am, but it is no surprise considering I feel comfortable doing what I have studied to do. I often liken it to a mechanic and a brain surgeon. If you ask a brain surgeon to change the calibration on a car engine it is unlikely they will feel very confident in doing so unless they have had some experience or training in that area and vice versa. 

It is the same with our thoughts and emotions. The majority of individuals feel confident, comfortable and have bags of self esteem in situations they have trained for or have previous positive experiences to draw upon. In these known environments those individuals perform to a level they expect and excel in most cases.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combined with brain based research will help to give you the tools and skills needed to feel comfortable in most situations, even when the event or experiance is a new one. I was once told by one of my teachers that if I was not making mistakes I was not pushing the boundaries of my knowledge and understanding and that a mistake is just an opportunity to do things differently next time. I am not advocating we need to make mistakes in order to learn or grow, but with the knowledge and understanding I have now as a hypnotherapist I see the wisdom within those words.

If you are struggling with a lack of confidence or self esteem and are looking to take control over these symptoms and feelings then please give us a call as to discuss how we can help you and to arrange an initial consultation