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Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety can leave all of us feeling like we cannot cope. The World Health Organisation states 1 in 4 adults will suffer from some form of mental disorder each year so to say its common place is an understatement. The majority of us have suffered at some point and yet it is hard for individuals to get the right support during these times. Anxiety and Stress can be dibilitating. Science is now showing us there is a better way to approach anxiety and stress, a better way to understand it and manage it. With this knowledge we are able to cope better with lifes difficulties.

If you are struggling then I am here to help, you are not alone, support is available and I would be happy to discuss how I can help.

Understanding Anxiety and Stress

The only thing we can grow out of nothing are our worries and concerns. Often the problems we face are made worse because we worry, yet it can seem we are finternally encouraged to focus on our problems in a negative way which only increases the problem and exaserpate the issue. This is actiually a natural occurance and part of our evolution however, with the right tools we can learn how to manage and cope better

Over the last 200yrs humanity had taken the view physical and mental health were seperate from each other however our brain is a powerful organ, one we can flex in many different ways. This misunderstanding has left a vast number of people suffering with their feelings and being stigmatised or isolated when they needed help the most. Our thoughts and feelings have a physical impact on our body. Thankfully the world is changing and through research and neuroscience we are discovering how to cope and improve our metal health which is helping to improving out physical health too.

Often feelings of worry, hopelessness and loneliness start to set in because anxiety and stress are an uncomfortable topic for the vaste majority of people out there and we have not been taugh how to handle them. We are only now starting to have better conversations around mental health. Anxienty, stress and depressions (even anger) are a natural occurance and come from a logical place in our evolution but they are unhelpful in todays modern world, especially when they are strong or out of control..

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a gentle but effective way of regaining control and turning things around, helping you to regain balance and take back emotional control, helping you to become the person you know yourself to be or who you might wish to be.


If you are struggling or are in need of support then please get in touch. I offer a complimentary initial consultation to explain S.F. Hypnotherapy, where emotions come from and to allow you to ask questions and enquire if hypnotherapy is the right approach for you. The consulation is complimetary to ensure to can learn without the added anxiety or stress of finacial loss, starting your journey with confidence.

Sessions last approximately 1 - 1.5hrs and are tailored to your needs. All treatment plans are discussed in advance and progress is monitored via CORPS to ensure positive change is taking place and to asses which tools are working for you.

'Clinical S.F. Hypnotherapy is becoming the treatment of choice for many in a society beset by lifes pressures in a world which people are increasingly feeling like they are unable to cope. Life should be full of joy and rewards, love and laughter and I aim to bring this back into a persons life ,so they can truly live work and play in a meaningful way.Richard LepperHPD DHP - Lecturer @ IHT

Important Things to Know

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not ask the client to re-visit past traumas or move at a pace they are not comfortable with. We seek to find solutions and focus on how a pertson wishes top be rarher than looking back at tghe problem.

  1. The hypnotic trance state is a natural mind state. The client is always in complete control. In this relaxed state the body and mind have the capacity to heal and repair.

  2. An explanation of how the brain interprets thoughts and converts them into emotions which are felt physically will aid the recovery process.

  3. Learning how to relax the body and mind has been identified as a vital part of the healingf procces. Often for those struggling there is a resistance to this, which interupt natural progresses. Guided relaxtion (Hypnosis) will help to remove the resistance andf reset the system.

  4. Solution Focused hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective way to create positive change.

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