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If you are ready to change your unwantyed behaviour because you recognise this aspect of your life has become problematic or are struggling with life and have developed unwanted behaviour pattererns such as 'self -medication' difficulty in control or sa lose of boundaries, have developed a strong habit, feel dependent on the use fo drugs or alchohol as a way to cope. Then the knwoledge you will gain from a course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will help you understand how you can replace these unwated behaviour patterns. Nature does not like a void and so we seek not to quit one thing but to develope other, more rewarding behaviours so that stopping is easier and the transition more rewarding. S.F. Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to aid you in this endeavour.

All my clients who have achieved in this area tell me this approach allowed them to gain control and balance within their lives, to avoid the traps that would trigger the unwanted behaviour and were given a method of making these changes that was not filled with fear and uncertainty. Often it is the craving that drives the behaviour and reducing the sensitivity to this is crucial to success.

When Addiction is looked at in a certain way its possible to see there is a way to create real positive change and manage our emotions much better to allow positive change to take place. By allowing a person to discover how great the world can be when they are free from the unwanted thoughts the transition is much easier. Thoughts & feelings, coupled with enviromental factors and cewrtain circumstances or past erxperiences  (both consious and subconsious) push us towardss these unwated behaviour patterns and understanding where they are or what might trigger them helps. You can find more information on addiction by following the link below

Addictions explained

I offer a complimentary initial consultation so that I can explain the S.F. Hypnotherapy approach and allow clients to ask questions. Many sufferers are embarrassed or feel ashamed of the unwanted behavior, which often feeds the condition. All contact with me is confidential, so please feel free to get in touch to explore if this is the right approach for you to take.

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