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Richard Lepper - DHP HPD

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

"My aim is to empower individuals through knowledge and understanding of the mind-body copnnection, what happens when thoughts and feeling occur and what steps can be taklen to improve or cope better."

I seek to create an environmemnt where clinegts feel they are able to create positive change. I offer a safe, supportive non-jugemental environment and help clients develope the reight skills for their situation by helping clients to realise positive changes in their lives, that they understand how they did this, so they can continue to improve beyond my care or treatment. By default the confidence and knowledge they gain from working with me helps them to feel, confident, happier and better able to cope.  I seek to teach clients how to improve, how to achieve and how to overcome a wide range of unwanted symptoms & behaviours. Often clinets come to me saying I am the point of last resort but leave inspirewd and unlimited. When a person is able to regain control by helping themselves improve their situation through understanding and knowldge by addressing those unwanted behaviours or conditions, life changes for the better. Brighter days happen and in most cases it is about a shift in perspective and a release from the subconscious resistance that has developed over time. Through a combination of 'Solution Focused' therapy, Clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy, CBT, NLP, and other theraputic approaches including the latests in brain based research I seek to give individuals practical tools that allow them to progress.

"When we understand how emotions, memories, events and environments affect us we start to understand how symptoms or behaviou patterns occur, we start to understand what we can do about it, how we can create the positive changes needed to release us from the unwanted cycle of thoughts, behaviours or feelings".

Richard lives in East Sussex as a Clinincal Mental Health Practitioner and has to practice locations, you can visit him in Brighton or in South London. Richard is also the Lead lecturer atInspiraology Hypnotherapy Training -  IHT Sussex

Richard is an accredited member of the MBH  - NCH  - NBFMP  - AfSFH  - GHR - CNHC.

Has attendend specialist training in:- addiction, sports psychology, working with teenagers and children, NLP, CBT, Anxiety, Depression, Anger managment, Weight Managment, Hypnosis for Self-repair and is dedicated to learning and improving his skill-set to aid his clinets in their growth and development.

Richard uses CORP- a specific clinical outcomes programe which helps clients to monitor their progress, highlight any areas that may require improvement and thereby ensure positive change is taking place.

"I truly love my work , it's the best job in the world, fact!  Seeing my clients achieve and progress is a constant reminder of how amazing we humans are. People from all walks of life, at different times in their life will struggle, yet mental health is still a taboo subject for so many in our modern society. What I am reminded of every day is how amazingly resilient and strong humans are when given the right help and support. Hope and belief that something is possible is part of being human. Its amazing how swiftly things can be turned around (4-6 sessions) even if they have been around for decades. What I teach people about the hiuman body and brain along with how that knowledge has the power to create positive change in a persons life is remarkable. I see it all the time and am constantly impressed by the human body when given the right environment to thrive. An inspiration for me is Milton Ericksonwho at 17 utilised self-hypnosis to retrain his brain and overcome polio - he really was the father of modern hypnosis and brought it to a sceptical world to great affect."

Seeking help is never a sign of weakness, it is a sign of the determination to find a solution, rather than accept this is the best it is going to get. It is a sign that the individual has a desire to improve their situation. That takes courage, it can otfen feel like a massive step too, but the rewards are so worth while. This is reinforced when Richard recieves a testimonial from a of clinets confireming the have continued to imprive beyond the sessions they had together.

"I know I do not do the work. I do not take credit when others reach their goals. I recognise I am a facilitator of positive change, a teacher of information and a coach, who helps others build strength or refine a technique. Obviously it it hugely rewarding to see people liberated but I always recognise the achievement was theirs"

A brief history of how Richard became a Therapist

Richard had no intention of being a therapist however throught his life he has witnessed and experienced many negative emotional events that kept leading him to ask questions about human behaviour and emotion. In sport the mind is a great tool, Its beneficial in education, family life, with friends and strangers alike but we never teach emotion in schools and as a society we don't really like to talk about it too much either. The way a person responds often dictates the outcome. Richard had recieved much training over many years from sport coaches to corporate coaches to life experts and guru's. Over time the information all started to add up and cross over although not always making sense. There was a contradiction within the traning, most of it was focussed on obtaining a result from others and left little advice about dealiung with faliure. The catalyst for Richard was the sad and traumatic passing of a dear friend that tipped the scales and left Richard needing better answers to his questions and feelings. The training he had recieved up until then was not sufficient.

"I don't like to go over my past struggles, I've had enough of them that's for sure (as we all have I know) and I found ways to deal with those so I was able to leave them in the past and move on. At that time I felt strong, resiliant and capable. I expected life more throw a few trials my way before however sometime in life something happens that truly rocks us to our core and when it does, the usual tools don't seem to work. As result we can find ourselves as observers, rather than the drivers of our life story. Thiongs happening beyond our control, including our reactions and behaviour. This unfortunately happend to me in my 30's. The corporate support network I relied on was not helpful at al. The tools I'd used before were ineffective and whilst I knew what I wanted to do I just could not find a way to overcome the emotions I was feeling around this traumatic event. I was in need of better knowledge, better understanding, better care! I needed to fill the gaps and find a better way to deal with what was occuring. It was at this time I was advised to go and see a S.F. Hypnotherapist - I was sceptical, however I found the information I was given filled many holes ,and the tools were extremely effective. The hypnosis worked like magic and it was all so natural! I look back on that time and although the event I experienced was traumatic I can see I gained a huge amount too. It was many years after the therapy that I decided to go and learn about what had happened to me in those sessions. I did it just out of curiosity. I had no intention of becomeing a therapist , I was fairly successfull and settled in my corporate world, however it soon became clear to me (and my class peers) that this was something I was a natural at. I remeber being told... "If you don't go and do this the world is definately missing out - your needed out there".  After my training and qualification i though long and hard about what life was all about and to be able to help people in needed, as I was helped is a gift and an honour. So you could say I had found my calling and asnwered the call. I truly love what I do, its so rewarding and to see my clinets achieve is like watching them recieve the gold at the olympics!"

Richard qualified in 2014. In 2022 he retook the exam to ensure he was at the top of his game and holds a DHP & HPD in clinical hypnotherapy. Richard attends many continued professional development (CPD) courses in order to understand the latest research and its application in therapy.  Richard is an expert in complex cases involving multiple presenting problems and understand the mind body connection and what effect long-term negativity has on the body and our brain. Continued learning allows Richard to refine, develop and improve his knowledge base to enhance his skill to ensure his clients receive the very best care (and outcomes) possible. Richard is the Lead Lecturer at Inspiraology Hypnotherapy Training in Sussex, a supervisor and has been in private practice for over a decade completing thousands of clinical hours and helping hundreds of clients.

Richard is available for presentations and has run training days for HR departments, school teachers, sports club coaches and corporate bodies over the last ten years. Richard has helped many professionals to incorporate and implement an understanding of mental health to aid their working environment and get the best out the day, the team and themselves.

Richard is passionate and dedicated about his work and seeks to empower others to become the best version of themselves.

Richards aim is to help clients to create positive change in their lives by helping them to feel happier, helping them to cope better and helping them to achieve their goals by using Clinical Hypnotherapy, a combination of brain based research, modern talking therapy techniques and hypnosis.

"We don't need to visit the problems of the past to create a brighter future but we do need an understanding of how these things may have occurred in order to understand what small steps we can take to move forwards"

Richard Lepper

Sports psychotherapy, emotional training & remaining at peak

I love sports - all of them! They are so good for us in so many diffierent ways but as we see on TV athletes struggle mentally as much as we do in our everyday lives.

I was told once I would not be able to run again by a medical expert from the NHS and I was told I should give up all competitive sport. That hit me hard, I was in my 20's! That’s part of the reason I love what I do for a job. I play sport every week, i compete too and nearing 50! I'm still super competitive and still seeking to improve my game every time i train or compete. I love all sports and I love striving to performing to my best. I lreally enjoy coaching too, helping athletes performance to their peek, anxiety free, is so rewarding. Of course watching the incredible feats of achievement that sportsmen a sportswomen do on a daily basis is inspiring.

I took up bouldering (indoor free-climbing ) a decade ago, attend Pilates classes, do Yoga, swim, and ru8n when tghe mood takes me. The one sport I love most is playing football probable because it's the one sport I have never had formal training in. i enjoy the challange of having to learn it all Iby playing, making mistakes and taking on advice from others. I am finding it a little harder to bomb down the wing at my age but thankfully I'm still willing to try! I'm not very good at gym work (I get bored), I always recognised the joy of exercising with others and see it as having huge additional benefits. If I go to the gym I need to use certain techniques to motivate myself and ensure I get the most out of me when there. I was a national & international coxswain - the brains in the boat - and represented England and Great Britain four times over four consecutive years, winning a handful of gold medals along the way. I coached at University and again at School level until I had to stop due to a scoliosis of the spine. I was 25 and was told I should give up rowing, running and football in order to preserve my back for when I was older..... Thankfully I met an amazing Osteopath, whom I affectionately call "Magic Hands John". He gave me hope, a plan and encouraged me to see what was possible, rather than just accept what I was told. He was very solution focused and genuinely changed my life! - he taught me the power of the mind-body connection without even realising it. This experince underpins my sport therapy practice - I know how low I felt, how much pain I was in and without him I would not have taken the first steps towards empowerment. I also clearly the remem,eber the rewards of getting to the top of my game and the efforts needed to achieve that.

No matter what sport you do, I can help to give you the mental edge to help you bring the best of you out, when you want it and when you need it. I understand athletes needs and have helped many individuals (and teams) find their peek and stay there, be that in practice sessions or in the competative areana

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