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Richard Lepper

I'm 45 year old father of two great kids. I have an amazingfamily and an amazing wife so I'mluck to have that. I have worked in so many differentenvironments over the years, been self employed three times and spent 12yrs competingin the corporate jungle. In my work capacity I’veappeared on TV, BBC Radio and featured in The Times. Music has been a good friend since my teens and I still regularly go out and play although these days purely for pleasure not profit! I love sports:playing it, coaching, working with athletes as well aswatching it.I took up bouldering(indoorfree-climbing)a few years agoand Ilove to play a game of football too. I used to be a national & international rower (coxswain) and represented England and Great Britain in my youth and coached at University and School level until I had to stop due to injury (I wonloadsof medals over an 11yr career so I'm happy).I should addIhave scoliosis of the spine and at 25 wastold I should give up paying sport to preserve my back.

I can tell you now Ihad no intention of being a therapist. I came across solution-focused hypnotherapy after the difficultpassing of my best friend. I'd had enough of death and suffering and Iwas wondering what the point of it all was. I was in a very bad way emotionally and as a direct resultphysically too. Work was unhelpful and unsupportive and life becameincredibly stressful. My social life wasaffected - I withdrew from the worldbecauseI could not getpast the frustrations of grief and holding on to past failures. My life on paper was not that tough but at the time it felt like it was imploding. I felt so much pressure from so many angles.

I was recommended to go seea solution-focused hypnotherapist and I found what I was looking for. It changed my life and helped me become myself again.I am so thankful I took that first difficult step of asking for help.

What I learned wasa better way ofcoping and now Ihad the skills and the knowledge I knew Iwasn't going backto how I felt before. So after I got back on track I wanted to learn all I could. I decided to train in solution-focused hypnotherapy - and I found so many of the things I had been taught for the benefit of business,or in the pursuit of sporting excellence, had the same origin – the brain and our mental health.

Seeing my first client achieve was the moment I realised I was doing the right thing in the right place at the right time in my life. I truly love what Ido and Isee it as a privilege to be able to help others find the way to get the best from their lives.

Richard has been using and teaching practical skills to clients for many years.

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