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NCH - National Council for Hypnotherapy

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Helping clients create the positive change they wish for but are struggling to create. Do you want to feel happier, to cope with unwanted symptoms, behaviours or conditions? We use 'Brain Based' research, 'Solution Focused' therapy, CBT, NLP and Hypnosis to help our clients move forwards in a positive, safe way & empowering way. The client journey is monitored to ensure progress is being made and we as offer support outside of sessions where required. Each treatment plan id tailored to the individuals needs so that they can discover, implement and learn how to use the find the right solutions for them. Everybody is different and so every solution is unique.

Richard - "When we understand how unwanted symptoms, behaviours or thoughts can manifest themselves and what affect they have physically and mentally upon our daily lives we begin to understand what we can do about them. When we understand the how and the why of these things, when we recognise the power of taking small positive steps towards change. we do not need to look back to work out how to move forwards. When an individual learns what they are capable of, and more importantly, understand they have the abilities within themselves to make positive change happen, they feel empowered and take ownership of their journey. If you experience the joy of doing something yourself and knowing how you did it, then you will learn self development and positive changes will occur"

Richard has helped numerous clinets presenting with: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fears & Phobias, Addictions (including drug use and gambling), Confidence & Self Esteem, Eating Disorders or body imager concerns, I.B.S, Public Speaking, Emotional Control Issues, O.C.D., Working with Teenagers and Children (DBS Certified), P.T.S.D. and performance related anxiety or confidence - including sports performance.

Richard - " I have helped in many people succeed in many areas by bring positive change into their lives. I am fascinated and passionate about the Mind-Body connection and the power of thought and the imagination. Please get in touch if you wish to know more or would like to find out if we at The Milton Practice can help you."