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Testimonial from a teenager with anxiety:

I am starting this new year with a completely different outlook than the one I had 12 months ago and that is thanks to the help you provided me in restoring my ability to say no to my anxiety! Whilst there are still things I struggle with, it's a lot easier for me to see a way out of the horrible hole that is anxiety and that makes all the difference. It is also so reassuring knowing whenever I need to I can message you and arrange another session. 

Thank you so much for everything you did for me at the start of this year, I cannot express how much I (and my mum and dad) appreciated it.

Testimonial from a clinet struggling with Anxiety, Confidence & a large life change

Hypnotherapy & Richard was recommended to me by a family member who could see I would benefit from his help.

It started with an initial consultation call to see if it was the right therapy for me. Instantly, Richard made me feel at ease and comfortable. I had recently gone through a divorce and my confidence was at an all-time low and my anxiety was at an all-time high. I had never really experienced anxiety like it before. I was lucky enough to have most of my sessions in person but the Zoom ones were still really effective. It was really refreshing to know that Richard’s hypnotherapy was normally a 4-8 week process, so a weekly session for about 5 weeks, then we moved to fortnightly, then once a month until I felt ready (although I always knew I could go back for a ‘top-up’ session at any time).

From the very first session, it had an immediate impact. Richard was able to educate me about the brain and behaviour and then teach me strategies to break the cycle of anxiety. The hypnotherapy part of the session was so powerful. I always left each session feeling so calm, peaceful and positive. The strategies and knowledge I gained from him will never leave me and I will be forever grateful that I was lucky enough to receive the therapy.  It changed my life. 

Thank you Richard.

Top up session - a client returning 2yrs after recieving successful treatment for Anxiety

Are you a magician? I've felt so much better since seeing you !

Thank you again for the reminder and top up

"we held one top up session of approximately 1.5hrs to help maintain and perfect the technique - these are excellent re-enforcers and ensure old conditions do not retun."

Testimonial from an O.C.D. sufferer:

I decided to visit Richard after suffering from anxiety and OCD on and off for over 10 years. In the first session he gave me a thorough, yet easy to understand explanation of the neuro science behind how the brain works and the likely reasons behind the thoughts and feelings I was experiencing. It really resonated with me and that knowledge alone significantly aleviated my anxiety and left me feeling so much more reassured and confident that with some more of Richards help I could make the improvements I needed to get back to my normal self. In just a few more sessions of hypnotherapy and implementing Richards advice I was able to make consistent progress towards a much happier and healthier state of mind. Richard has a very genuine, caring and positive attitude in the approach to his work and I will be forever grateful for his help in my time of need. I would highly reccomend him to anyone that seeks professional help of this kind.

Testimonial relating to a PTSD Sufferer:
(This clinet is a a person who suffered multiple traumas both as a child and as a young adult).

I have always seen myself as broken in some way. Many of my experiences were hidden from me, in that I had very few memories, but manifested in my life as physical and psychological pain and I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). From what I had read and from what my doctors told me I had had to come to terms with the fact that this was something incredibly difficult to treat and recover from, and that it probably was something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Prior to starting the hypnotherapy I had suffered from sleepdeprivation for many years, but had started suffering from nightmares, anxiety-attacks and was diagnosed with severe depression. It is an understatement that Solution focused hypnotherapy saved my life. Eventhough it sounds dramatic, it is the truth. After three months of weekly sessions my sleep-pattern is now back to normal, meaning I enjoy full night sleep and rarely suffer from nightmares. I have learned to control my anxiety and I have also gained the confidence to unearth hidden memories. The biggest change that the hypnotherapy has accomplished is that I now look forward to living my life, rather than just surviving it, and that is the greatest gift of all!

I no longer regard myself as broken, instead I have mended myself and become something amazing and beautiful!"

Thank you so much Richard for your time and your skills which have given me a new kind of life! A better life!
I will always be grateful to you! 

Testimonial from someone seeking to be themselves in a new job:

I really enjoyed my sessions with Rich, and got a lot out of them. I started the sessions as was very nervous about a new job I had. Even after the first session I learnt techniques that helped relax me. By learning how and why my brain was doing certain things, it really helped me make sense of the feelings and emotions that were then created. The hypnosis was also very relaxing, and again taught me techniques to overcome my nerves. Rich created a great environment, the vibe was very chilled. The sessions had a structure, but also ran at my pace. Rich made me feel really at ease, and we laughed and joked a bit too, which really helped me relax and feel like I could open up to him. The more honest I was the more I got out of the sessions. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone and would definitely go see him again in the future if I needed.

Testimonial from someone struggling with emotions:

I was introduced to Richard at a time when there were a lot of emotionally difficult things going on in my life and although, being a totally non-spiritual cynic, I never thought I'd be the sort of person who ever started a sentence 'My hypnotherapist....' I soon found myself telling friends about the things I had found out in our weekly sessions. For some people hypnotherapy is about giving something up, but for me, it was a form of relaxation and learning. Richard was always kind and empathetic and never seemed fazed by anything I told him. His explanations of the way in which the brain works helped me to understand both my behaviour and that of other people around me, and taught me how to adapt my reactions to situations and individuals in a way that has definitely made me happier. A year on, I still use his relaxation CD if I'm having a particularly stressful time of things, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who felt that something in their life was not quite right, even if they were struggling to identify what was actually wrong.

Testimonial - Dealing with a big change and a new uncertain future:

My name is S. I am 36 years old and have two children. I had about 10 hypnotherapy sessions with Richard that were really useful and wonderful. Every day when I had therapy I learned one thing more about myself and my life. Richard is very positive , patient and an optimist person. Last year I encounter many problems and they made me very nerves and depressed. I couldn't concentrate on my every day life but by a friends recommendation I started hypnotherapy sessions with Richard. He taught me many things about my brain and its effect on my thoughts and actions . After 4 sessions I felt much better and more relax. The therapy worked on me! I could control my brain to do what I wanted. After one year I really know how useful it has been for me and my family.

Thank you Richard.

Testimonial from a parent who sought help using Hypnotherapy:

As much as a parent can reassure their child sometimes this is not always enough. My son was going through a difficult time adjusting from adolescence to young adulthood and how he felt about himself and his confidence and how this stopped him from really fulfilling his life.

Using hypnotherapy my son discovered resources to deal with most problems or situations that he felt uncomfortable in. Richard opened his eyes to these new resources which enabled him to look for solutions to the problem he was faced with. We could see progress after only a few sessions, my son was much more positive in his approach to not only his school work, but also in his sport as well, he found a new confidence in himself. It wasn't without a few set backs we did hit a couple of bumps on the way, however, they were quickly resolved and we learnt not to dwell on them and move forward.

Our home felt a lot calmer and it was lovely seeing my happy son return.

Testimonial from someone struggling with insomnia:

I first visited Richard last summer because he offered to help tackle my awful insomnia, which was affecting my family life and work in various negative ways. I'd been having trouble sleeping for several years, and just got used to always being a bit tired (I share a house with small noisy boys!). I admit I'm pretty cynical and was not convinced that much could be done. However, with weekly sessions over the next few months, Richard taught me to look at my situation in a completely different way. As well as learning lots of fascinating science stuff about the brain, he also showed me new and calmer ways to drop off to sleep, and an entirely fresh approach to coping with the horrible fear I had about dealing with the next day. I really enjoyed the good humoured nature of our sessions. I may still be a little sleep deprived, but I no longer lie awake gripped with the terrible anxiety that comes with it, and feel so much more positive thanks to Richard...and bear in mind this comes from someone who was very sceptical about hypnotherapy!

Testimonial from someone struggling with unwanted behaviour patterns:

Sessions with you have completely changed my life.

When I first came to you I was quite regularly drinking a bottle of wine a night, and on the weekends much more. I felt like I was in a rut that I could not escape, especially as I suffered addiction problems as a teenager and admittedly was dubious about the type of therapy as I had never tried it before.  I have been through lots of cognitive therapy, which helped with some work on myself, but I was at a time (and still am) where I didn't need to keep going back over it all, I wanted and needed to move forward and gain some positivity into my life and head!!

After the 6th session, annoyingly work called and I was unable to come back, I didn't think I could achieve what we had been working on with it being cut that short, but I suddenly became aware that I was drinking less and less days a week and then that I was no longer drinking on a worknight, my night anxiety was gone and my positivity and happiness had started to come back!!  Im not saying my life is perfect but for me this has been everything and seems only to be getting better.

Thank you so much Richard for helping me literally change my life

Testimonial from a person struggling with retirement:

After being made redundant from the NHS after 53 years I had a routine visit to my GP who surprisingly diagnosed depression and feelings of loss and although I knew I felt down was unaware of how much my perceived lack of role had affected me. My GP wanted to refer me for counselling and gave me an appointment for this.

However  I was told about motivational hypnotherapy and the benefits of positive thinking and so I did some research and found a practitioner. (The Milton Practice)

After 2/3 sessions I found I was sleeping better, and experiencing a sense of calm and feelings of positivity. I was no longer feeling negative about the future and could successfully address other issues such as weight gain and insomnia that had been upsetting me. Richard explained the process of positive thinking and gave the researched evidence for this in a calm and professional manner. 

Thank you Richard for your expert help to enable me to get back on track and for facilitating some Skype sessions to keep up the momentum.

Testimonial from someone struggling with anxiety:

Thank you for your positivity, this is what I needed to take me forward on my journey, a 'Yes I can, yes I will' positive attitude.

You've held a mirror up and I like what I see, and more importantly how I'm feeling.
My anxiety volume is exceptionally low.
I'm grateful for that.

If anxiety comes knocking at my door and I let it in, I'll be sure to get in touch so together we can get rid of this unwanted intruder.

Testimonial from a day workshop attendee:

Thank you so much for the information and taking the time to explain it to us. I have found it very useful, and I’ve definitely been noticing a difference in my performance since I started listening to the MP3. I might be imagining it but with the information you gave it now makes a lot of sense. I tended to hold on to negative emotions and experiences a lot but have noticed a difference in letting it all go especially when going to sleep.

I will definitely be incorporating the MP3 in to my night-time routine and keep the daytime focus more on relaxing. Thank you so much for the MP3 and all your information. I have found great benefit in it and I am definitely more mindful of some of things you mentioned at the away day. Such a great course to go on.

Coping with a partner with dementia and personal health concerns

I thought I would write to you and let you know that the source of a great deal of my anxiety came to light last Autumn. I made the positiove decision to go private and I'm glad I did. It was dicovered I had a hidden problem with my heart.  I’ve had the op and the best part is I feel 200% better!!  I’m back to my old self. Entertaining, organising short trips away for us and I’ve got a much more positive outlook on my life. 
I still listen to your relaxing tape most nights and I was given some iPods which are often still in my ears when I wake up, proving I never got to the end of your tape and slept through the night!! The best news is I’m coping so much better with looking after my partner - the discovery of the heart condition and the operation has really helped and I’m very appreciative of what you did for me with the many sessions we had on zoom. I won’t forget you as your voice is always with me. It’s great!! Thank you. xx