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National Board For Hypnotherapy

National Board for Hypnotherapy - NBH

The NBH sets exceptionally high standards and criteria for membership. We currently have hundreds of practitioners, from across the UK, who help their clients by utilising the skills developed during their training.

Practitioners can only join the NBH if they’re suitably qualified and hold the Hypnotherapy National Occupational Standards (NOS) which is often seen as a ‘gold standard.’

Prospective members are additionally required to have reached the national accepted standard of 450 hours of practice.

We encourage all of our membership to be part of the ‘CORP’ programme. CORP software is specifically designed to clinically measure the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

It’s the largest research programme of its kind to have taken place within the industry. It measures improvements by asking the client to regular scale themselves in seven key areas of wellbeing. They can subsequently track their progress on a graph.

The system is designed to ensure client anonymity is maintained at all times. As such, the data is quantitative. To date, we’ve built up results which reflect a total of 80,000 research hours. Members often receive positive qualitative feedback from clients.

Unlike ‘traditional’ forms of hypnotherapy, NBH members adopt a ‘modern solution oriented’ approach to their work and so they do not ‘look into an individual’s past’ but rather look to the future - so the client can feel confident in achieving a set of realistic goals.  

In short, we believe in looking forward to find solutions. Sessions focus on planning how to accomplish the small steps which are required to achieve a client’s desired target.

And that can be anything! Our members have successfully worked with people who are looking to overcome anxiety, combat phobias, quit smoking and achieve key work goals. We’ve even helped people to get into the right mindset to train for marathons!  

Our members receive regular newsletters throughout the year which are designed to keep them up to date and focused on their ongoing modern approach to hypnotherapy.

Members are also encouraged to undertake regular Career Professional Development courses, and monthly supervision sessions, to ensure their clients receive the best possible results.

Only NBH members are allowed to use the NBH logo on their website which provides prospective clients with the security and assurance that the practitioner has reached the required level of expertise to practice.

As you would expect, all of our practitioners adhere to a stringent code of ethics.

We use the best of science, and our understanding of it, to apply techniques which fit the latest thinking. Our approach allows members to utilise key components of a variety of disciplines to help clients: from CBT to NLP and Mindfulness techniques.

The NBH is a member of UKCHO (UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations). This is one of the country’s most respected hypnotherapy organisations, another tick in the box for anyone looking to find a bona fide practitioner. 


Proud Supporter of CORP®. CORP® stands for “Clinical Outcomes Research Programme”.