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Client Support Page - Hypnotherapy

When it comes to helping people cope with stress I am an expert - having seen so many who lived with it work out how to survived it, conquered it and now thrive without it... I know a thing or two.. But lets be realistic here, we want to know why things work and thats why we often need to hear it in different ways from different voices for the pennies to drop. These fantastic RSA animations will help you to understand some of the complexities around stress and anxiety and the effects of our thinking on our outcomes. The following are lectures from world experts but are easy to understand due to the animation work that accompanies them. We learn visually so please just click the link, sit back, relax  and absorb the information.

The Milton Practice - You Tube Clips

I know that when we are physically strong we tend to feel mentally strong. Often people respond to an inccident and get help for that hurt knee or back i.e we react. I think it is important to notice the signs the body gives us about our stress and anxiety and seek help. I think everybody would benefit from regular visits to osteopaths, accupincturists, nutritionists, pillatees teacher, yoga master and even the odd pampering retreat, in order to keep the body in top shape - think of it as an M.O.T. With that in mnd the following is a list of outstanding practitioners so I know you are in good hands with all of them.

A fantastic Osteopathic practice based in Clapham. This multi-disciplined practice offers the highests standards of care and delivers on its promise to put the clinet first at all times. They offer treatmenst with a phenominal Acupunturist, Nutritionalist, Baby-care Osteopath and Cranial Osteopathy to name but a few - For more information please use the link provided -