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Client Support Page - Hypnotherapy

When it comes to helping people cope with their stress and anxiety I consider myself an expert teacher  - I have seen so many clients achieve balance in their lives when before they were living with stress and anxiety before they work out how to survive and thrive, worked out how to cope and conquered or how to redefine what stress and anxiety was to them so they could minimise the affects. and live without it dominating their day to day existance... Its safe therefore to say I know a thing or two.. 

But lets be realistic here for just a minute, we all want to know why things work (or why it does for some but not for others... what's that diffecence?). For many individuals we need to hear that information in different ways, from different sources or from different voices in orcder for the pennies to drop. As Carol Dweck states - we only agree with what we can percieve and we cannot understand that which we cannot see. 

There are some fantastic lectures and animations on the Clinet Resourse page which I hope will help you to understand some of the complexities around managing your mental health and wellbeing. These short tutorials help to shed light on the affect our thinking has on our outcomes or feelings. The following are a collection of lectures from world experts which are easy to understand and should help you on your journey. We learn most throiugh our visually cortex so please just click on the link below, select a video that looks interesting, sit back, relax  and absorb the information.

If you have any questions about the content then please get in touch as i would be more than happy to go through them with you.

The Milton Practice - You Tube Clips

(you will find tutoriuals, mini lectures and additional information about mental health and the power of our thoughts)

I think everybody would benefit from regular visits to physiotherapists, osteopaths, accupincturists, nutritionists, pillatees teacher, yoga master personal trainers and even the odd pampering session just because you are worth it. 

In order to keep the body in top shape - think of visisting these establishments as an M.O.T. With that in mind the following is a list of outstanding practitioners so I know you are in good hands with all of them. 

Balance Performance Physiotherapy Practice.

I know that when we are feeliong physically strong we tend to feel mentally stronger too. 

Often people respond to an inccident or accident or pain as a reactionary event and then seek help for that hurt knee or back problem. 

I think it is important to notice the signs the body gives us about our stress and anxiety (both physical and mental) and seek help to pfrevcent or strengthen before it becomes a problem but alas that is ofnen not possible.

I am fortunate to work within Balance Performance Physiotherapy practice  'A center of excellence' which is filled with exceptional staff and a dedicated team of experts who specialise is everything  from rehabilitation and peak performance.

WAFA - We Are Fit Attitude (Dedicated to women and fittness)

Using the power of fitness, balanced lifestyle and group support to help women feel gorgeous.

Anna is a truly exceptional human being who understands that joy of doing is essential to the joy of living. Her classes and her support and key to my recommendation. I 100% know you will nt only enjopy what you do at WAFA but you will reep the benefits of putting fun-filled exercise into your life.

"How we feel about ourselves emotionally can get in the way of what we see physically and it’s what can prevent us from realising our full potential. At WAFA we change this negative mind-set. We show you that fitness is not just about improving body image – it’s also the key to feeling happier and more positive. 

WAFA believe that life is for living so we help you find ways to lead a healthier lifestyle, without the fear of missing out on what you enjoy. And that includes wine too… All of this comes joined together by the support of an amazing group of women who too, are working towards their own health goals."

Anna - Founder and Trainer at WAFA 

WAFA - We Are Fit Attitude