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What Happens In A Hypnotherapy Session?

A typical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session lasts for approximately 1 hr and is divided into three main areas of therapy; Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Brain Based Research and Hypnosis. We look to create a positive, relaxing, safe and gentle environment where it is possible for a client to make positive changes in their life.

Brief Solution Focused Therapy

By focusing your thoughts and feelings in a positive way we are able to help you take control over your behavior and your emotions. when we have control of our thoughts we take control of our lives. “The way we think affects the way we feel and the way we feel influences the world around us”

Brain Based Research

Using the latest information from neuro-scientists and psychologists, we help guide you to an understanding of how the brain functions, what happens when you think and act a certain way, how the brain copes with the events in our lives, our emotions or our inappropriate behavior & unwanted symptoms. This knowledge leads to an understanding of how you will be able to create the positive and lasting change you want or how you will be able to cope with whatever life has in store.  “With knowledge and understanding it is possible to achieve amazing things every day”


We would ask you to lie down on a couch and through guided relaxation you would enter into a natural, relaxed – yet fully focused trance-like state where you feel safe and comfortable. It has often been described as a waking dream. Here you will be able to affect positive change through focusing your thoughts whilst using both your conscious and sub-concsious mind. This natural state is now being called the human default state. A place where we can naturally and easily repair the mind and body. “When we relax we can see things clearly, When we relax we are in control, When we relax we can do the things we want to do”